Research Topic

Glycogen Utilization in the Forearms of Rock Climbers

Glycogen utilization throughout the lower extremity has been studied extensively in both endurance running, sprinting, and cycling. Invasive techniques such as muscle biopsy have been used extensively to study glycogen utilization in these sports.

Recently noninvasive technique such as ultrasound and cMRI have been used to approximate glycogen utilization throughout the lower extremity. Using the pixelation and real time imaging that ultrasound employees has given researchers a quicker and more applicable estimation of glycogen utilization.

These modalities however have yet to be studied in the upper extremity specifically within the biceps, brachialis, forarm musculature. Given the intense nature of rock climbing this is an area of interest. Given that the Sport of rock climbing namely bouldering and sport climbing are relatively short intense time frames is a great interest to know the speed at which glycogen utilization is taking place.

Both training and dietary recommendations can be made based on this information. In combination with both metabolic cart data and CGM technology one hopes to acquire the optimal training and nutritional platforms for rock climbing.