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What We Offer

Evidence-based approaches to training, nutrition, and injury management

Kentucky Specific Services

Training Plan Included

Elite Perfomance Consultation

 The plan includes an initial 60-minute video consultation and a review of your comprehensive health form.

Based on your goals and concerns we will outline the best next steps; which may include laboratory blood work, genetic testing, prescription medication, continuous glucose monitoring and nutrition/supplement intervention.

Also includes video follow-ups at 1 month and 3 months as well as open communication. 

Injury + Rehab Consultation

The 45-minute consult consists of a Zoom call with Dr Cuninngham.

The goal is to gather information about your training and injury as to make appropriate medical interventions.

After your video consultation, you will receive an 8 week personalized rehab plan specific to your injury.

This includes initial video consult, a follow-up video call at 1 month as well as open communication.

Nationwide Services

12 Week Training Plan Consultation

We will start with a movement assessment based on the 10min video footage that you provide to better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Movement is medicine and understanding your body and foundational abilities is essential.

The plan includes an initial 45-minute video consultation, video follow-ups at 1 month and 3 months, and a 12 week training plan, as well as open communication.

General Consultation

With our general consultation service, you can get all your questions answered and ask us anything related to climbing. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your technique, increase your endurance, or build strength, we can also help you devise a customized training plan that suits your unique needs and goals. 

We can also offer assistance with supplements and other nutritional aspects of climbing to support your performance and overall health.

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The majority of practitioners in the medical field typically adhere to general guidelines that rely on statistical data to diagnose and treat conditions.

In contrast, Precision Medicine takes a more personalized approach, we start with a comprehensive analysis of your DNA and an extensive laboratory panel (if acquired) to gain a complete understanding of your overall health.

With these results at hand, we identify unique genetic variants specific to you and develop personalized interventions to optimize your genomic expression. By personalizing our lifestyle choices, we can activate your beneficial genes or curb your harmful ones. We compile this information into a customized health plan tailored exclusively for you.

At the moment we are only able to offer medical consultation (Elite Performance Consultation and Injury + Rehab Consultation), both in person and Zoom, to clients located within the borders of Kentucky.  This is due to the rigorous federal guidelines that govern the practice of medicine and licensure required. 

If you are interested in a consultation but live outside of the state of Kentucky please reach out and we will see what can be arranged.

We do not accept medical insurance for payment of our consultation services. However, we accept both HSA and FSA cards. It is important to note that we always recommend that our patients reach out to these entities directly, as guidelines vary.

We always prioritize with lifestyle interventions first. This may include a diet plan, personalized training regime, supplementation strategies, sleep tracking review, and/or supplemental modalities (ie. fasting, cold immersion, sauna, breathing techniques, meditation etc.).

If needed, we may prescribe pharmaceuticals or additional medical devices (CGM), which would come directly from a board certified physician in compliance with the patient.

We always prioritize with lifestyle interventions first.  However, if your health requires the need for prescription medication or a medical device (CGM) we are able to provide that prescription for you.

We can and may recommend additional testing, such as microbiome (which is a sample of your gut bacteria), hormones, food sensitivity testing, or repeat blood work. You will work with your Physician and to decide which tests you will need to complete, based on your needs.

If your looking for a detailed training plan with personalized precision but do not want to get into lifestyle, blood work, or supplements a 12 Week training consultation is all you need.

If you desire to inquire about an injury or need a rehabilitation plan select the injury consultation.

If you are looking to get the most out of your body and are interested to find out where your limits are and what you can do about defining them, the elite consultation is the way to go. We get into everything here with a focus on lifestyle, laboratory work, genetics, and supplements. We will discuss training and exercise as it pertains to your goals and needs.

A member of our team would love to discuss your personal health goals and concerns to help determine if an Elite consultation is a good fit for you. Please email us at:  [email protected]